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India is described as a land of festivals and has many religions and languages in every state. Among the most important cultural and religious festivals of India are Hindu festivals such as the Holi, Durga Puja, Diwali, Navaratri, maker Sankranti, and many others.

India is the land of many religions and languages and is often celebrated as the “land of festivals,” and Indians celebrate many traditional cultural and religious festivals throughout the year. While some festivals are celebrated with the same pomp across the country, others have specific regional or religious overtones. These celebrations may sometimes seem a little exaggerated, even indecent, but they are also part of the culture.

Let’s know List of Festival in India | Festival in India List |Festivals of India

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sankranti is known by various names and is celebrated in various parts of the country such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. It is located in the south of India and focuses on religion, temples, and rituals.

Makar sankranti | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Makar Sankranti | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | Image by Republicworld
Basant Panchami

The festival of Vasant Panchami holds a special significance in Hinduism. Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on this day. This puja is performed with great enthusiasm in eastern India. On this day, women wear yellow clothes and offer prayers. A whole year divided into the six seasons, spring is the desired season of the people.

Makar sankranti | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Happy Vasant Panchami | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals |
Image by TheStatrman

When the flowers come out, mustard gold starts shining in the fields, barley and wheat earrings start blooming, mango trees blossom and butterflies hover all over, then comes the festival of Vasant Panchami. It is also called Rishi Panchami.


Holi is celebrated across India with different traditions and regions.

Throwing colorful powder and water balloons, Holi has become known as India’s liveliest and most joyous festival. In Delhi, on the morning of the festival, a huge carnival begins and young and old, men and women, take to the streets and say “Holi hai” and sing, dance and dance. On the evening of April 1st, it is celebrated with a great fireworks display, fireworks, and music.

3 girls with holi color | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
3 Girls with Holi color | Festivals of India | list of festival in india| Image by Pixabay

International tour groups selling tours to the country often place photos of boisterous. Although the Hindu Color Festival originated in South Asia, it has gained popularity in the United States and other parts of Europe for its events, which are often organized in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and London.

According to a poem documenting the celebrations from the 4th century AD, “Holi” was first celebrated in India in the 3rd century AD.

Holi, the festival of colors in India, is a celebration of the colors of light, color, light, and color, as well as the colors of life. It is celebrated in early March.

People celebrate by marching through the streets and spraying people with colorful powder while dancing and singing. They celebrate with fireworks, dancing, singing and dancing as well as with the colors of the night sky.

Buddha Jayanti

The festival is celebrated to commemorate the enlightenment of Lord Buddha by offering water, incense, sticks, and dhops to Buddhist monasteries.

Gautam buddha Jayanti | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Gautam Buddha Jayanti Quotes |List of festival in india | Image by Latestly

Siddharth Gautam Buddha was born in the Lumbini forest in the Terai of Nepal to the Maharani Mahamaya Devi, the wife of Maharaja Shuddhodan of Kapilvastu. Siddhartha went on to be called Lord Buddha. The relevance of the sanctity of the full moon of the Vaishakh month of the Indian calendar is self-evident in the context of Buddha’s birth, realization, and nirvana.

Baisakh Purnima is the trilogy of Holiness. It was on this auspicious date that Buddha came, enlightened, and realized Mahaparinirvana. Gautama Buddha gave importance to the notion of balance in his sermons.

He emphasized that it is necessary to avoid an excess of indulgence as much as it is necessary to avoid an excess of yoga, that is, penance. With the excess of enjoyment, the conscience disappears and the rites become dormant. As a result, destruction has encroached upon the threshold of a person’s heart-mind.

In the same way, the body becomes weak and morale weak due to extreme penance. As a result, the attainment of enlightenment becomes indescribable, because attaining enlightenment on the basis of morale from the weak and unconscious is the same as cherishing the dream of building grand buildings on the foundation of sand.

Eid UI Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr is the reward of Allah to the ones who bear in mind God best for a month via enduring hunger and thirst. The sweetness of love wrapped in sevaiyan is the specialty of this festival. This festival, which is said to be the biggest festival of Muslims, is not only a strong formula to connect our society, but it also spreads the love and warm message of Islam in a pervasive manner.

Eid-Ul-fitr | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Eid-ul-Fitr | List of festival in india | festival in inida | Image by WikiPedia

Also known as sweet Eid, this festival is especially the carrier of the centuries-old tradition of the fabric and brotherhood of Indian society. On this day, people of different religions forget each other and embrace each other, and Savaiya usually transforms their bitterness into sweetness.


Rakshabandhan is a festival of siblings that is mainly practiced among Hindus, but people of all religions of India celebrate it with equal enthusiasm and sentiment. The atmosphere of this day in all India is worth seeing and no matter why it is such a special day that is made for brothers and sisters.

Though the role of love and duty among brothers and sisters in India is not an indication of a single day, due to the historical and religious importance of Rakshabandhan, this day has become so important. This festival, which has been going on for years, is still celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Independence day

Independence Day is celebrated by the people of India every year on 15 August 1947 as a national holiday to commemorate India’s independence from the British Empire. On this day, Shradanjali is given to those great leaders of India, under whose leadership the people of India became free forever.

Independence Day | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Indenpence Day | Festival of india | Festival in india list | Image by PixaBay

People celebrate the day of August 15 in their own style, someone makes this day memorable with friends and families, and someone spends their time watching patriotic songs and movies, as well as there are many who participate in many programs on this day. And through various mediums, the importance of Independence Day is disseminated.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated in Hinduism. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated every year in the months of August and September according to the English calendar and in the month of Bhadra according to the Hindi calendar.

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi lasts for 11 days. This festival is the longest festival lasting 11 days. On Ganesh Chaturthi, people bring clay idols of Ganesha to their homes and after worshiping them for 10 days, Ganesh immerses on the 11th day.

Ganesh Chaturthi | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Ganesh Chaturthi | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | Image by PixaBay

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in various states of the country but is the biggest festival of life celebrated mainly in Maharashtra. The festival begins with the installation of Ganesh idol in the house and temple on Chaturthi. People bring the Ganesha idol to their homes with great fanfare.

A few days before Ganesh Chaturthi, Ronak starts in the markets and different types of idols of Ganesha made of clay are found. Everyone worships and worships Lord Ganesha in their homes and temples, singing songs, dancing, chanting, performing aarti, and offering modak to Ganesha for the next 10 days from Ganesh Chaturthi. These days there is a lot of decoration in the temples. Lord Ganesha is first remembered before starting any new work.


Navratri is considered one of the most important Hindu festivals and the festival lasts until the end of the day.

In northern India, the Navratri celebrations are lively dandiya, Raas, and Garba dances enjoyed by men, women, and children in colorful and traditional garments.

Especially popular are the dandiya, Raas and Garba dances, the traditional dances of women and children in colorful and traditional garments.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival celebrated in South Asia in which the Hindu goddess Durga is worshiped. In it, six days are celebrated as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijayadashami.

Durga Puja | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Maa Durga | Festival of india | festival in india list | Image by PixaBay

The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated as a victory over the demon Mahishasura, a symbol of the evil of the Hindu goddess Durga. Hence, the festival of Durga Puja is also considered as the victory of good over evil.

Durga Puja is widely celebrated in the Indian states, where there is a five-day annual holiday at this time. It is considered to be the biggest festival of the year in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, areas dominated by Bengali Hindus and Assamese Hindus. It is not only the biggest Hindu festival but it is also the most important socio-cultural festival in Bengali Hindu society. Apart from Western India, the festival of Durga Puja is also celebrated in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Durga Puja festival is also celebrated as a big festival in Nepal with 91% Hindu population and Bangladesh with 8% Hindu population. Currently, various expatriate Assamese and Bengali cultural organizations organize in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Kuwait.


Diwali is the festival of light celebrated throughout India and among Indians around the world.

You can see houses decorated with colorful lights, people exchanging gifts and families having their own fireworks show.

Diwali | Festivals of India | List of festival in india | festival in india list | festivals | india
Diwali | Festival of india | festival in india list | Image by PixaBay

The biggest event in India’s festival calendar, Diwali, celebrates the good that vanquishes the bad and encourages people to reflect on their own lightness and darkness.

When we talk about the best festivals in India, Diwali is not neglected and Mathura experienced a week-long celebration.


If you participate in the festivals of India then you will know more about the Indian festival and culture of India. We are collect and add more festival lists for your reference purpose. If you require any type of help please visit our guide page.

They mean different things, but they all share a common thread: they are all permeated by the spectacle, and they are all part of the same culture.

Participating in the festivals of India will bring you closer to the rich traditions they have followed for generations. Every state in India celebrates at least one festival, though the reasons for celebrating may have arisen historically.

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