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The word Asia derives from the Hebrew language Asu, which literally means the rising sun. Asia is the world’s largest continent in terms of both size and population, which is located in the northern hemisphere. In the west, it shares its borders with Europe, although there is no acceptable and clear boundary between these two. Asia and Europe together are sometimes called Eurasia.

In this artilce, We will know top asian tourist destination. If you planning to visit asia then post really helpful.

The Asian continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Dark Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. The Caucasus mountain range and the Ural Mountains naturally separate Asia from Europe.

Asian Girls Outdoors | Asian Tourist Destination
Asian Girls Outdoors | Asian Tourist Destination

Some of the oldest human civilizations were born on this continent like Sumer, Indian civilization, Chinese civilization, etc. China and India are also the two most populous countries in the world.

A long land boundary in the west separates Europe from Asia. The folding boundary moves north-south down to the Ural Mountains in Russia, along the banks of the Ural River to the Caspian Sea and then through the Caucasus Mountains to the Dark Sea. About three-quarters of Russia’s land is in Asia and the rest in Europe. Some territories of four other Asian countries also fall within the boundary of Europe.

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About  30% of the total land area of the world is in Asia and the population of this continent is more than the combined population of all other continents, about 3 / 5th or 40%. From the icy Arctic in the north to the warmer equator in the south, the continent is spread over an area of about 4,75,79,000 km and consists of some vast, empty deserts, some of the world’s highest mountains and some of the longest rivers.

  • Population:- 4, 636, 852, 000 (According to 22 may 2020)
  • Total Area:- 44,579,000 KM2
  • Population Density:-  100 KM2  ( 260/Sq Mi )

There are a total of 49 UN member Countries, 1 UN observer, and 5 other states on the continent.

Top Aisa Facts – Asian Tourist Destination

1. It is mainly located in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres.

2. The equator, the Tropic of Karka, and the North Pole pass through it.

3. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Arctic Ocean in the north.

4. It separates the Red Sea and the Suez Canal from the continent of Africa.

5. It separates the Burling Strait from North America.

6. Important peninsula: Arabian Peninsula, Indo-Chinese Peninsula, and Deccan Peninsula

7. The Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world.

8. Important Islands: Andaman and Nicobar, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan.

9. The world’s deepest oceanic trough near the Philippines Islands is the Mariana Trough in the Pacific Ocean.

10. It has the highest plateau in the world, which is 4,875 meters high. For this reason, Pamir is called ‘Roof of the World’.

11. The highest mountain peak in the world is Mount Everest (8848 m) of the Himalayan Range range, which is located in Nepal, where it is known as Sagarmatha.

Mount Everest, Nepal | Asian Tourist Destination
Mount Everest, Nepal | Asian Tourist Destination

Let’s Browsing Asian tourist destination

Singapore – Financial center known for the padang, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Orchard Road MallsBangkok – Modern Thai Capital to opulent Grand palace, Gold-spired wat phra kaew, canals & nightlife
Dubai – Gulf city with skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Huge malls & Atlantis, A resort on artificial islandsHong Kong – Autonomous Chinese territory known for skyscrapers, shopping, Victoria peak & Kowloon.
Bali ( Indonesia ) –Lush Indonesian islands known for beaches, surfing, diving, kuta nightlife & Intricate hindi temples.Istanbul ( Turkish ) – Turkish city connecting Europe & Asia, Known for Architecture from the byzantine & ottoman empires.
Tokyo ( Japan ) – Japan’s capital with skyscrapers, Museums, the imperial palace & Meiji Shinto shrine.Beijing  ( China ) – China’s capital & home to major sites such as the forbidden city palace complex & Tiananmen square.
Sri Lanka – islands nation with ancient Buddhist ruins like sigiriya, Beaches & Yala National Park elephants.Cambodia – Southeast asian country with capital phnom penh, the Angkor wat temple ruins & Beaches.
Maldives – Indian ocean islands nation with beaches, capital male, Friday mosque & Coral reefs for divingKyota ( Japan ) – Old Japanese capital known for buddhis temples, Shinto shrines, Nijo castle & Gion district geisha.
Kuala Lumpur ( Malasiya ) – City with petronas twin towers skyscrapers, also known for shopping, dining & colonial architecture.Shanghai  ( china ) – Modern Chinese city known for its skyscrapers, the bund promenade, art deco buildings & shopping.
Seol ( South Korea ) – South Korea capital with modern skyscrapers, ancient temples, gyeongbokgunj palace & N seoul tower.Ho chi Minh city – City with French colocial landmarks like notre-dame cathedral, war remnants museum & busy markets.
Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital, home to beach ma temple, dong xuan market & neoclassical Hanoi opera house.Osaka – Modern Japanese port city famous for its busy nightlife, restaurents & Osaka castle.
Delhi – India’s capital has mughal-era red fort, jama masjid mosque & national along the rajpath.Chiang Mai – North Thailand city with Buddhist temples ike wat chedi luang, handicrafts & nearby hill country.
Jaipur  – Known as “ Pink city “ for colored places & other  18th– century structures, including an observatory.Laos – Southeast asian country home to capital vientian & luang prabang’s temples, such as wat xieng thon.
Hoi An – coastal city known for its historic ancient town, museum of ceremics, food scene & Neaby beachesAbu Dhabi – UAE capital with skyscrapers, beachside, cornice, sheikh zayed grand mosque, giant malls & souks.
Ubud – Upland town, known for its monkey forest, hindu temples, art museums & lush countryside.Agra – North Indian city with Mughal confederation landmarks like the Taj Mahal mausoleum & red-walled Agra fort.
Goa – State in India well known for Arabian sea beaches & European design churches like se cathedral in old Goa. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )Phuket – City on thailands’s phuket islands with chinpracha mansion, thai hua museum & sino-portuguese houses. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )
Ko samui – Tropical Thai islands known for beaches, upscale resorts, late-night partying & Big Buddha Temple. Taipei – Taiwan’s moden capital city with famed night markets & the national palace museum.
Krong siem reap – Elegant Cambodian resort town with markets & bars, known for the nearby huge stone ruins of Angkor.Mumbai – huge city, home to Bollywood, grand colonial buildings & bazaars stuff with antiques & textiles.
Pattaya city – Guld of Thailand resort with beaches, water sports, nightlife & sanctuary of truth shrine.Kathmandu – Nepal’s capital, hometo bustling darbur square, plus many Buddhist & hindu temples & shrines. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )
Phi Phi inslands – Islands group with cliffs & clear covesJerusalem – Judaism, churches, Christianity abd david.
Dead sea – Salt lake more than 400M below sea level, with resorts & Spas, Masada fort ruins & biblical sites.   Petra – Ancient city in Jordan with ornate buildings such as AI Khazneh carved in rose sandstone walls.
Phnom Penh – Cambodian capital with royal palace, silver pagoda, Russian market & art deco central market.Boracay – Philippine island known for white beach, bulabog beach water sports & mount luho views. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )
Manila – The Philippine bustling, bayside capital, with Spanish colonial landmarks & museums.Macao – Former Portuguese territory in southern china known for gambling, macau tower & ruins of st. paul’s.
Tel Aviv – Yafo – Coastal Israeli city with nightlife, chic shops, museums, white city Bauhaus buildings & beaches.Pamukkale – Thermal waters on travertine terraces & ancient Hierapolis ruins including a theater & antique pool.
Da Nang – Port city with a hindu sculpture museum, sandy beach resorts, pagodas & the marble mountains. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )Sigiriya fortress – Ancient city ruins & rock fortress. ( Most famous Asian Tourist Destination )
We listed al asian tourist destination

FAQ about Asian Tourist Destination

What is the most visited place in Asia?

Based on a case study of international air arrivals conducted by MasterCard or international card using, Bangkok is that the top tourist destination in Asia, with 11.5 million visitors arriving annually. Sunny beaches, ancient temples, intense nightlife, and a thriving modern city make Bangkok an excellent first destination for Western travelers.

What is the famous in Asia?

You will be amazed by the massive cities that coexist with ancient historic sites. Other popular destinations are The Great Wall or the Forbidden City in China. If you love trekking, there are mountains that you can view and climb, such as the highest point in the world, Mount Everest.

What is the best Asian city to visit?

And while there are much more than simply 7 cities worth exploring, these are the seven you absolutely must check your bucket list.

  • Mumbai, India.
  • Bangkok.
  • Tokyo.
  • Seoul, South Korea.
  • Hoi An, Vietnam.
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • Taipei, Taiwan.
What is the most beautiful country in Asia?

The most beautiful countries in Asia

  • Thailand. ( Paradise for beach lovers. )
  • China. ( The most populous country in the world. )
  • India. ( Country full of incredible experiences. )
  • Pakistan. ( Rough country under Karakoram. )
  • Indonesia. ( The country of thousands of islands and volcanoes. )
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Georgia.

How many countries are in Asia?

We already know Asia is world largest continents in the world both of area and populations. These continents divided into 48 countries in the world. 48 Countries cover all areas of the continent.

What are the 48 Countries of Asia?

Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Malasia, Yemen, Nepal, North Korea, Taiwan, Srilanka, Kazakhstan, Syria, Cambodia, Jordan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Israel, Hong Kong, Laos, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Singapore, State of Palestine, Oman, Kuwait, Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia, Qatar, Bahrain, Timor-Leste, Cyprus, Bhutan, Macao, Maldives, Brunei,

What are the 5 regions of Asia?

South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia Southeast  Asia, and Southwest ( also known as the middle east ) are the major 5 regions of Asia continents.

Which is the largest country in Asia?

Asia’s largest country is Russia, also followed by China and India.

Where is the Capital of Asia?

In Asia, you will find the big exotic capitals in different areas but far east like Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, New Delhi, and but small and famous capitals like Kathmandu, Lhasa, and Hanoi.

What is the Biggest religion in Asia?

Hinduism is large and big with the oldest religion in Asia continents. More than 1 billion-plus people followers around Asia.

Which is the longest river in Asia?

Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the world’s 3rd longest. Yangtze River is a length of 6300 Kilometer. Other Asian longest rivers are the Yello cover 5464 Kilometer and the Mekong cover 4909 kilometers.

Which country is the richest country in Asia?

Qatar, Singapore, and Israel rank as the wealthiest country in the Asia continent.

Which religion is in China?

There are four official religions in china just list here – Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity.